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History of P.J. O' Driscoll & Sons LLP

Longevity is a quality much valued in the legal profession. It is seen as a mark of both the wisdom it produces and the resilience it proves.

P. J. O`Driscoll & Sons LLP was founded in 1899. In the years since the practice commenced, it has weathered many challenging circumstances both national and international.

The experience has produced a team of 21st century lawyers who are intensely proud of the prestige, reputation and brand name status the practice has gained and who are in turn committed to the ongoing development of that brand at the cutting edge of the profession.

The firm was founded by P.J. O`Driscoll Senior. In 1931 when his eldest children were still infants he wrote for them an assessment of his own life and advice for their future lives. This was part of that advice:

“My own profession, that of solicitor, I have always thought the best. So long as you do your duty and make no mistakes you have no worry. You will see all kinds of people and all kinds of methods. You will learn to appreciate character. You will meet all kinds of rogues.

Adopt your profession early in life and direct all your education towards making yourself proficient in it. I don’t expect you to be always first, but be in front, stick at it. Being qualified in your profession means only that you are qualified to learn your business. It is the business and the practice that will teach you. Be always learning something new. Be agreeable to your clients. Be honest and give good value. Your work will then be the great pleasure and happiness of your life.”

These principles still guide the firm in the present day.

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